HKPUSU - Aurora. The spectrum of hope.


喺2015年底嘅時候,當時仲係學生嘅我哋曾經同一班同學仔,幫一個候選學生會內閣 - 理曦製作宣傳片、概念照、印刷品等等。配合理曦踏實嘅作風,宣傳片以工業元素為中心,讓候選幹事們化身工程師同建築師,大家一齊合力建設理想中嘅校園環境。影片嘅結尾用咗定格動畫加上後期製作,讓候選幹事們喺一個由日常用品搭建嘅迷你理工大學排成一條斑馬線,寓意理曦願意聆聽師生聲音、成為各界溝通嘅橋樑。


Back in late 2015, we’ve teamed up with our schoolmates to help a proposed Student’s Council cabinet – Aurora, with their promotion, which included photos, printed materials and a promo video. We wanted to promote a reliable and practical image for Aurora, so we've used a lot of industrial elements in the video. Our candidates transformed into builders in hopes to create the ideal campus together. The video ends with a section composed of stop motions and post-production effects. The candidates roll across PolyU recreated with everyday items, than lining up into a road crossing, symbolizing a bridge between all members in the campus.


Behind the scene



Client info
Aurora, proposed cabinet of 23rd session HKPUSU Executive Committee.

Presented by | Rhyno Chan
Producer | Cancan Kwok
Director | Timothy Law
Production Supervisor | Kassie Lo
Editor | Timothy Law
Cinematographer | Cancan Kwok, Kelvin Lam
Art Director | Yvonne Chan
Animation Director | Season Cheng
Set Decorator | Sophiitia Ma
Prop Master | Janus Wong
Makeup Artist | Rachel Lam
Crew | Brian Lo, Kenneth Chan