Photography / 2019 / Bamboo Scene

Bamboo Scene


Bamboo Scenes Gallery 位於西營盤一條小巷子,活動係由 Bamboo Scene 同相鄰幾間食肆一同舉辦,來賓可以喺欣賞藝術品嘅同時,一齊喺街上品嚐美食、互相交流同嬉戲。不論係大朋友、小朋友定小動物,都可以喺哩度渡過一個愉快嘅下午。哩個小社區感覺就好似桃花源一樣,氛圍融洽美好得唔真實。如果大家對藝術有興趣又想支持吓本地創作,不妨去參觀一吓,Bamboo Scenes Photography Gallary 一定唔會令你哋失望。


You can find Bamboo Scenes Gallery in a small alley in Sai Ying Pun. Bamboo Scene organized the Launch Party with several nearby restaurants. Guests could enjoy the art and food, meet new friends and have a good time on the street. It was a pleasant afternoon for adults, children and their pets.This small and harmonious community is like a dream come true. If you are interested in art and wish to support local artists, feel free to visit Bamboo Scenes Photography Gallery. You won’t be disappointed.


Bamboo Scene 係一間致力推廣香港藝術發展嘅畫廊,主要展出及售賣突破性嘅本地攝影作品,部分收益用作幫助無家可歸嘅香港人。

Client info
Bamboo Scenes is a Hong Kong Photography Gallery offering unique wall art by Hong Kong based artists at affordable prices and with a purpose. Aiming to celebrate the artistic power in Hong Kong and to make their creative work accessible to a broader audience.