Cmd Tab Studio

跳制作室創立於 2018 年,由兩名九十後設計系女子組成,努力在迷幻彩虹中尋找人生使命,在稜角消失前增添些無悔經歷。
Cmd Tab 取自鍵盤上的快捷鍵,作用為「跳制」至其他應用程式,是設計師常用的快捷鍵之一。「跳制」亦指我們在構想設計時,需要在腦中不斷按 Cmd Tab 的情況,藉此找出最簡單又合適的解決方案。


Cmd Tab Studio is founded in 2018 by two Hong Kong post-90 born kidult. We are specialise in making creative images, multimedia design and digital production.
Cmd Tab comes from a keyboard shortcut which uses to switch between apps. It is one of the most used designer’s shortcut. Well, for us at least.

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